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Pattern Updates:

Jumbo Glam Bag:

There has been some confusion on the purpose of the curved template for the lining. This piece is used to trim down the lining and relieve any extra bulk inside your bag after applying the elastic.

The Poppins Bag:

Corrected after first printing in August 2012.

1. In step 2 of the lining fabric, it says to cut a 4" by 43" piece for sides and base. It should say 5" by 43".

2. When cutting fusible fleece for the lining, ALSO cut a 5" by 43" piece for the lining and base piece.

3. Magnetic Snap: Before sewing your lining and body together, you need to add your snap. Find the top center of both lining pieces. Measure down 1.5" and mark. Apply snap according to packaging instructions.

Bye Bye Birdie:

Corrected after first printing in May 2013.

You will need 4 1/2 yards of white background fabric for this quilt instead of the 1 yard listed.

Steps 3 & 4: Place the corner of blocks (from Pile A & B) 1/4" passed the center, instead of the 1" that's shown.


Corrected after first printing in May 2013.

Under Block Assembly, Step 3: The strip that measures 14 1/2" should read 12 1/2" and the strip that measures 12 1/2" should read 14 1/2". They just need to be swapped in step 3.


Corrected after printing in November 2013.

You will need 16 patterned fat quarters (2 per row) instead of the 8 fat quarters listed.